Jamo S 526 HCS

Sistema de Bafles 5.0 para Home Theater

Jamo S526HCS3

The Jamo S 526 Home Cinema System proves you don't have to compromise either high-quality true surround sound or excellent design if you have a smaller budget to work with. This powerful, 750-watt capable system starts with two S 526 floorstanding speakers with dual woofers for deep bass and compliments them with a perfect match in an S 52 CEN center channel speaker. The compact S 522 speakers provide the enveloping surround sound that puts you in the middle of everything! Add an optional Jamo SUB 210 subwoofer for the deepest movie bass effects you can feel. Either way, you have a perfect system for movies, TV or music listening. Available in black ash or dark apple finishes, all speakers are neatly complemented by soft-feel black baffles giving the system a premium and contemporary appearance. The S 526 includes optional speaker spikes while the S 522 and the S 52 CEN have built-in keyhole mounts for on-wall applications.

  • 1-inch (25 mm) soft dome tweeters/6.5-inch (16.6mm) or 4-inch(10.2mm) aluminized woofers.
  • Bass-reflex design with flared, rear-firing port: Increases system efficiency and bass output.
  • Waveguide: A unique tweeter faceplate that provides more uniform dispersion in the critical frequency range of 2-10 kHz. Dynamics and clarity are enhanced while distortion is significantly reduced.
  • Centre-plug: Replaces the typical dust cap and eliminates cone breakup, for a woofer with faster "attack" and tighter, more natural bass.
  • Aluminized woofers: Increases cone rigidity for solid bass.
  • Individually chambered woofers (S 526): Separately housed woofers minimize driver interference.
  • 5-way binding posts: Allows for multiple connection options with wire up to 12 gauge (AWG).

Sistema compuesto por 2 Columnas S 526

system 2-way bassreflex
Woofer (inch/mm) 2 x 165 / 6½
Midrange (inch/mm) 25 / 1
Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m) 89
Impedance (Ohm) 6
Weight (kg/lb) 15.2 / 33.1
Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in) 1000x195x301 / 39.4x7.7x11.9
Frequency Range 45-20,000
powerLongTerm 130
powerShortTerm 180

Canal Central de 2 Vias con Doble Woofer de 4´

system 2-way bassreflex
Woofer (inch/mm) 2 x 4 / 102
Tweeter (inch/mm) 1 / 25
Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m) 87
Impedance (Ohm) 6
Weight (kg/lb) 4.9 / 10.8
Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in) 133x400x210 / 5.2x15.7x8.3
Frequency Range 75-20,000
powerLongTerm 80
powerShortTerm 130

Bafles Para Surround de 2 Vias con Woofer de 4´

system 2-way bassreflex
Woofer (inch/mm) 4 / 102
Tweeter (inch/mm) 1 / 25
Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m) 87
Impedance (Ohm) 6
Weight (kg/lb) 3.4 / 7.5
Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in) 240x133x210 / 9.4x5.2x8.3
Frequency Range 80-20,000
powerLongTerm 80
powerShortTerm 130


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