SpeakerCraft MT6 One

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SpeakerCraft created the 8-inch MT series, the first truly high-end in-wall speaker. Using in-wall speakers for critical listening or as front channels in a home theater system was not a thought that many had considered. In developing the series, SpeakerCraft engineers virtually re-invented the in-wall speaker, solving the many problems that have traditionally been inherent in their design.

A very unique innovation in the series is the "Uni-Pivot" midrange and tweeter unit. It holds both a tweeter and midrange that can be directed together as one toward the sweet spot in any listening area. The "Uni-Pivot" design smooths out the frequency response and crossover transition. We have won awards with this design and were not only the first to incorporate the world's first pivoting midrange/tweeter array, but it still remains the best sounding today.

On some models, additional refinement of frequency balance can be achieved by pressing the front mounted buttons. The bass, midrange and treble on these models can be independently adjusted up to 6dB, allowing the listener to fine-tune the speaker to any environment.

In developing the 8-inch MT series, we didn't stop with the speaker. We realized the biggest problem with in-wall speakers is not the speaker, it's the wall. No other manufacturer has ever addressed the problem of the wall cavity so thoroughly as SpeakerCraft. The end result was the creation of a precision sonic chamber designed to enhance the speakers.

AcoustaCell™, the revolutionary wall dampening system, is a blend of sound absorbing materials that blocks sound passing through drywall, dampens drywall resonance, stops standing waves, blocks Helmholtz resonance and dissipates back waves.

All In-Wall Speakers Feature:

Aluminum Grilles
100% weather- resistant
Paint masks included
No mounting brackets required
Optional Sound Enclosures and New Construction Brackets available
All 8"MT and 6"MT speakers can be ordered as a single speaker.


6 1/2" Polypropylene Cone Woofer with Filleted Rubber Surround
Pivoting 1" Silk Dome Tweeter
Timbre-Matched to AIM8 One, CRS8 One, CRS6 One and MT8?one

Efficiency: 92dB 1W/1m
Power Recommendations: 5 - 100 watts (undistorted)
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB
Dimensions: H 12 7/32" x W 8 3/16" x D 3 1/16" (310.36mm x 207.97mm x 77.8mm)
Wall Cut-out Dimensions: H 10 3/4" x W 6 3/4" (273mm x 171.45mm)

Disponibles en color Blanco

Precio U$S 430 c/u.-