Yamaha YST-SW011

Subwoofer activo 8´

Yamaha YST-SW011

Now that audio and video have largely moved to digital formats, the demands on speakers systems are greater than ever. Full audio enjoyment of advanced sound processing formats like Dolby Digital and DTS requires deep, clear bass response. That means you not only need a subwoofer, but a subwoofer capable pf handling extremely low frequencies and high power levels. The YSTSW011 is designed to deliver powerful bass to your digital home theatre system.

Advanced YST
Yamaha’s patented Advanced Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST) generates incredible bass from small speaker enclosures. Advanced YST is the ideal method of combining amplifiers and speakers for maximum performance. This system’s advanced negative impedance converters intelligently adjust the negative impedance generation as the speaker moves, creating a hard, rigid cone that prevents deep resonant waves from leaking out of the speaker cone. This means the full power of the waves is forced out through the air port, resulting in clear, powerful bass.

QD-Bass Technology

QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass) technology uses down-firing drivers with square, pyramid-shaped reflective plates
to radiate the sound efficiently in four horizontal directions. The reflective plates (not used in competitors’ down-firing subwoofers) negate any effects caused by the floor surface and reduce resonance between sound waves reflected from the floor and the unit. Also, most other systems use circular cones, but by radiating in four directions to avoid the legs of the cabinet, QD-Bass reduces turbulence.

Notable Features
20cm (8”) multi-range driver with magnetic shielding
High 100 W dynamic power
Low (30—200 Hz) frequency response
Linear Port for minimizing extraneous noise
Low (0.8W) standby power consumption

Type Advanced YST with QD-Bass

Driver 20 cm (8") Multi-range
Dynamic Power 100 W
Output Power 50 W (RMS)
Frequency Response 30-200 Hz
Magnetic Shielding Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) 290 x 360 x 303 mm
Weight 10 kg


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